Jek Jumawan

Director, Writer

  • Full Name: Jek Jumawan

  • Management: Sining Bahandi Productions

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‘EXCUSE ME PO”, Full length film, Cineone Original 2018- Actor in a minor role

“NOTHING BEATS OLDIES”, Short Film, Bahandi Films/ 2017- Producer/ Actor



Short Film, Honorable Mention Best in an Indie Film,Top Shorts Film Festival , USA (2018)

Special Mention in for Indie Actor, Five Continents International Film Festival, Venezuela (2017)

“SULYAP” (The Glance), Short Film, (Bahandi Films and Althea Video Production 2017)

Producer, Co-Director, Actor


July Edition, Best Actor Honorable Mention, Oniros Film Awards (Aosta, Italy) (2018)

Finalist, Largabista Film Festival, Leyte (2018)

Exhibition, Gawad-CCP Alternatibong Pelikula, CCP, Manila (2017)

“PAS-AN” (Carried Burdens), Short Film, Bahandi Films and Althea Video

Production 2017- Producer/ co-Director/ Actor


Honorable Mention for Best Supporting Actress for our Maricel Balderama in South Films and Arts Academy, Chile (2018)

Best Inspirational short film and finalist for Best Actor for Jek Jumawan, Oniros Film Awards, Aosta Italy

Best Actor for Jek Jumawan and Best Actress for Maricel Balderama, Urduja Film Festival, Pangasinan (2017)

Exhibition, Gawad-CCP Alternatibong Pelikula, CCP, Manila (2017)

Platinum Award Best Actor, Directors Award, Indonesia (2017)

Finalist, Baclaran Film Festival, Pasay City (2017)

Finalist, Largabista Film Festival, Leyte (2017)

February 2017, Exhibition, Sinulog Film Festival, Cebu City (2017)

“TSUB! TSA!”, Short Film, Ballesteros Production, (2017)

Best Actor, Makata Film Festival, Quezon City

“PABUNOT”, short film, Bahandi Films 2015- Producer, Director, Actor

Nora Aunor Excellence Award for Film

“MELODY”, Short Film, Don Bosco Production, 2016, Actor

Best Actor, Indineg-Indie Film Festival, Quezon City (2014)

‘LUHA NG KAHAPON”, Short Film, Bahandi Films 2014- Producer, Director, Actor

Best Actor, Cine Haraya Film Festival, Manila (2015)

Finalist, nominated ofr Best Actor, Inding-Indie Fim Festival (2014)

“Ang Kamot nga Nagluwas” (The Hand that Saved), (2011)

Best Short film, Best Cinematography, Best Story, (2017)

“HULAGWAY”, Short Film, Bahandi Films (2011)

Best Actor, Pambujan Film Festival, Northern Samar (2011)

Finalist, Doi Saket Film Festival, Thailand (2011)

Audience Choice Award, Pandayang Linod Brocka Film Festival (2011)

“Last Supper No. 3”, Full Length Film, Cinemalaya Production 2009- Actor in a Minor Role.

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