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FilCASPro.com is now approaching its first year as a Filipino Artist Online Directory.

So far, our team has seen a lot of memorable moments. We have taken videos and photographs that I initially thought of just storing in our archives for future use, but hey, why not our site regulars and visitors see a glimpse of the events and places we have attended? So, why not start a column?


I'm not really a writer nor a photographer either, but let me just share the fun we had through these pictures and videos. By the way, our photographer/videographer here is my trainee Edizon Rondilla


The best way to start this column is the A-PRESS-CIATION LUNCH of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.




12:00nn / CCP Silangan Hall

Cultural Center of the Philippines,

Roxas Boulevard,

Pasay City


A-PRESS-CIATION is a yearly lunch hosted by CCP for the press. The title of the event speaks for itself: CCP thanks and appreciates the press...

It was definitely a lovely lunch with performances extracted from different upcoming productions from our beloved Cultural Center of the Philippines.


With me were our What Vids? host AJ Ledesma, our editor Omer Oscar Almenario, writer Danny Vibas and Maria Urduja Osit and cameraman/photographer Edizon Rondilla.


Silangan Hall, Cultural Center of the Philippines

Welcome to the A-PRESS-CIATION LUNCH of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) to the press people for their undying support to the state agency on the arts and culture.

The press rushes in to promote arts and culture.

A Filipino classical music (excerpt from 'Noli me tangere - The opera) in post modern times.

'Noli me tangere - The opera excerpt.

CCP Publicity Director Ms. Irene Obligacion Rada welcomes the beloved press people in the red hall.

Ms. Irene Obligacion Rada in her warm and gregarious elements.

CCP Chairman of the Board Margie Moran Floreindo in a huddle with the exponents of Filipino Classical music.

A serenade in a soulful mood.

A ventriloquist in action.

Entertainment writer Danny Vibas is delighted to be in the magical world of ventriloquy.

The FilCASPro team would like to thank Mr. Chris Millado, Ms. Irene Obligacion Rada, Ms. Margie Moran-Floreindo, Mr. Raul Asis and the whole CCP team... Maraming Salamat po!!! We had a great time.

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