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Just a little loving, early in the morning (Part 1)

AJ Ledesma (Model)


What do you tell your self early in the morning, as soon as you wake up?


Those words of rising sets the day for you.


Do you kick off the day with a curse?


"Oh, boy, another pesky day of putting up with my cranky boss!"


"Oh, God, I wish I didn't have to wake up for another day of sweet-talking strangers to buy some miserable condo units!"


"F---, why are there so many fu-----cars on the road and I don't own even just one of them!"


If you always begin your day by cursing it, your eight to 10 waking hours is likely to be it:  tottering at the edge of doom.


Instead of uttering a curse, cause every day of your life to be happy, if not also fruitful. Invoke the Universe to conspire with you. Pre-tend (yes, I am hyphenating that supposedly contemptuous word to make its virtue sneak out to you. The affix "pre" means "before," and, thus, "pre-tend" can assume the meaning "tending" something to happen.


If you pre-tend at the beginning of your day that something fabulous is about to happen, it will most likely tend towards what you decree the day to become.


Decree a positive day; decree it to be fruitful and harmonious and joyful. Don't curse the day. Your day and that of all others you will meet at various times of the day.


Set your mood by firmly but sweetly uttering words of joy, words of harmony, and words of fruitfulness not only for your self but equally for all others that you will meet and deal with for a fleeting moment or for lingering hours.


Cheerfully say aloud while you are showering (or taking a full bath):


"I will make this day a great one by blessing everyone I will encounter, deal with, transact with.


"I now bless all the roads I will take to get to my destination, all the vehicles and motorists and pedestrians I will encounter.


"I will make this a great day with my sweet serenity and vibrance. Yes, I will. Yes, I will. Yes, I will."


What does "blessing" mean? Well, another word for it is "benediction," which is Latin in origin. One of its original meaning is "to wish well."

I belong to a group of people who strongly believe in blessing one's self, other humans, other beings, objects, the environment, circumstances, and conditions. Our other term for blessing and benediction is "pronounce it good."


For those who believe in God (and my group does), here's one text for blessing a fellow human: "I bless you and bless you for the good of God at work within you and through you!"


For others who do not want to be religious, you can use this one instead: "I pronounce you good! I pronounce you good! You are always ready to receive all the good of Life and all the good of Life works in you and through you for your self and all others."





JUST A LITTLE NOTE on the title of this piece: it's a take off from the 60s song "Just a Little Lovin' (Early in the Mornin')" popularized by Dusty Springfield and composed by Barry Mann and Cynthia WeilI. I learned the song at the University of Sto. Tomas as a member of the Goldies Sing Out.


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