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Millennial Artists in Love with News

In the past, news in the Philippines, especially on television in English and in the vernacular, was no rater. There was a particular segment of the demographics, though, which subscribed to news programs on TV but the remaining chunks of televiewers would rather glue their eyes on sitcoms or dramas just like these days. Mostly, the sources of news of the public were radio and newspapers, tabloids or broadsheets.

But the advent of ABS-CBN after the EDSA Revolution in 1986 ushered in a new reception on news when Channel 2 introduced the tabloid-on-air newscast like “TV Patrol.” It was safe to say that the concept of the news show had altered the news viewing habits of Filipinos and it had set a benchmark where most of the major TV networks would broadcast the unconventional news presentation of national news and events with entertainment news, blood and gore reports, sports headlines on regular basis.

In the process, the public has eventually changed its news watching mode on the tube.

The millennials, in effect, have also toed the line of what newscasts are all about and what to expect from them.

Even the Philippine High School for the Arts (PHSA) in Mt. Makiling in Los Baños, Laguna is attuned to the changing landscape of television news casting and the news.

Aside from the PHSA participation in the upcoming Journalism competition this week among public and private high schools, the students of the state secondary school are also expected to learn more about news and newswriting.

This writer was invited to hold a crass course on news writing and the news and he was surprised in the interest and enthusiasm of the junior and senior high school students on the topic.

There were more than forty participants in the teach-in, most of them Creative Writing students with some Dance and Music students. PSHA is geared towards the training and development of government scholars in their chosen and inclined fields of the arts.

Boy! They were all intent listeners and active demo work shoppers of the lectures. It was a mix of theory and practice they enjoyed too much after each topic discussed like applying the elements of news, sources of news, types of leads, styles etc. Interaction was the name of the game where young male and female scholars of varied courses volunteered to demonstrate what broadcast news would go.

From the looks of it, they were avid listeners, viewers and readers of current events. They were sharp analyzers of things around them despite their vulnerability and gullibility as millennials are attributed to short attention span.

They knew almost everything about what’s happening in the country or even in their community especially the contest they would join about Campus Journalism.

The proximity of the event was what made the activity closer to their hearts and they loved it. They were determined to grab the honours of being top young journalists in the division of schools in Laguna Province. These millennials who came from cross-sectional social and economic backgrounds, from multicultural milieu were indeed enthusiastic learners of arts in relation to life. Because every example they gave out to demonstrate what they have learned from the lecture was based on their personal experiences like the description of the physical condition of the seminar venue leading in to the body, bulk and heart of the news story.

Many of the students were socially conscious about their news reports, written or verbally communicated like the comparison between the components of the journalism competition and their responsibilities as students of a state school.

Like creative writers, graceful dancers and passionate musicians in their early age, most of the lead sentences they came up with were arresting and dramatic although some revisions were in order.

Yes! They would appreciate if you gave them new information like journalism jargons. This writer introduced them to the classical Greek literary critic Longinus which spearheaded the movement about revision to achieve perfection in writing. They were very thankful of the additional knowledge they could muster this early in their education.

Lecturing on the youth revitalizes one’s dull experiences indeed.

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