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The blessings of (positive) name calling

Namecalling can be used positively and constructively. You can give a name for every thing you own and every thing around you.

Name them after states of being (more popularly known as "conditions") that you desire. [Are you aware that the "sire" in "desire" means "to procreate" or "to create"?] How about naming the bed that you sleep in something like "ultimate comfort"? Or "tranquility"? Perhaps "serenity"? [Just in case you don't know what those words mean, please use the dictionary in your mobile phone; just type in the Google search box "dictionary.com

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dictionary.com," then write the word in the search box, and press the magnifying glass search icon.]

Maybe you'd like to call your bedroom "prosperity"?

You may keep the names you gave to the things you own and everything around you a secret. But when you have experienced the blessings generated by naming things positively, you may share the "trick" (technique!) to friends and loved ones who have noticed the glorious changes in your life.

If you tell someone right away about an unusual thing you do regularly but people don't see any marvelous changes in your life as a possible outcome of your "weird" activity, you'll almost be surely dismissed as having lost your marbles. You will most likely give up the new habit way before it bears fruits. So, for your own sake, don't prematurely share a new habitual activity to anyone--not even to your spouse or most intimate partner.

A new good habit certainly bears fruits in time.


I've heard some people secretly refer to old folks close to them as "tanda" or "yung matanda" as if they don't know the old folks' names. It is not only disrespectful for them to do that. It is a kind of namecalling that will eventually but surely backfire at them. Karma, the very law of life, naturally sees to it that whatever you do to other beings will also be done to you. The same holds true even for your most frequent private thoughts. You're doing it to your self, so others will do more of the same to you.

All kinds of namecalling that we do, whether positive or negative, will surely come back to us in time. It is not just that we will be called the same names but we will go through the same or similar conditions that we sharply paid attention to. If we frequently refer to certain persons as "yung maganda" (the beautiful one), "yung anak-mayaman" (child of the rich), "yung nakatira sa condo" (who lives in a condo), we will surely experience the same states of being permanently or temporarily.

Yes, the kind and quality of the words we most frequently utter literally or just mentally will surely manifest as external realities in our lives. Let us always choose well.

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